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Real Fitness

What is fitness? Real fitness. That’s what we are pursuing, right? So shouldn’t we know what it is?

At 21 CrossFit, we believe in fitness that is as well rounded as possible. Breadth and depth. A person that is truly fit is prepared for the broadest possible spectrum of tasks. A truly fit person could be described by a single word: capable. This ability, this capacity, this readiness – that is what we are achieving and increasing every day at 21 CrossFit.

Take a look at the 21 CrossFit logo. I’m often asked – where did the name come from? Let me explain.  

In the US Army, the Engineers are known for their capability in the widest variety of tasks. The different specialties and jobs throughout the Army are numbered – the Engineers are the 21 series. The 21 is in the logo to represent this broad capability. I served in the Army as a Combat Engineer and am proud of their reputation.

One of the first things you notice are the colors – red, white, and blue. This serves as a reminder of our country, and those that protect it. Real fitness takes commitment.

The 21 is encased by a circle. We pursue fitness that is equal parts strength, endurance, stamina, agility, accuracy, speed, coordination, power, balance, flexibility (10 general physical skills – from the creators of the Dynamax medicine ball). Not just well rounded, but as well rounded as possible.

Always ready. It says it all. Want to be ready for whatever physical demands life can throw at you? You better train for it.  As we train and broadly expand our capacities little by little, we achieve real fitness. The kind of fitness that refuses to quit. That pushes through adversity. The kind of fitness that survives and thrives.
Always Ready.

At 21 CrossFit, we adhere to the CrossFit definition of fitness (increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains). For a wonderful article explaining this, read the free CrossFit Journal article, “What is fitness?”.

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